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Creating a business culture based on male and female values as a strategy to stimulate growth

Below are the videos you will find in the book

Tom Peters: women & leadership

Pat Heim and June Chocheles share their insights into gender differences in the workplace

Tom Peters: Women and relationships

An animated mini-lecture basing off of the theories of Pat Heim and Deborah Tannen.

Tom Peters: Board of Directors Should Look Like Market

Equal-salar-salary: a certified company, SIG, talks about their experience

Véronique Goy explaining equal-salary

Business leaders ignore gender issues at their peril: Avivah Wittenberg-Cox,

Companies perform better if their female talent is equally integrated, but  data reflects only marginal change.

Marti Barletta dives into the research of why hiring women makes sense

Mentoring - The Cherie Blair Foundation for women

human resources

interview with Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

 The Boston Consulting Group  explores the rise of the female economy.

Hanna Rosin reviews data that shows women  surpassing men in several important measures,

Marti Barletta: Companies are waking up to monumental changes in women’s  purchasing power.

Marti Barletta: Marketing Communication - Men are Simple, Women are Not

Word of Mouth Marketing, Marti Barletta on Marketing to Women

Marti Barletta: 7 Reasons for Marketing Financial Services to Women

Marti Barletta reveals key differences between men and women regarding banking

Steve Jobs on design

interview with Jonothan Ive, Head of Design at Apple

Steve Jobs Stanford Speech 2005

David Veenhuys on values

Feminist Ethics: An Interview with Susanna Goodin

Mark Gungor hilarious standup about the differences between men's brain & women's brain.

Faith Popcorn speaking

Tom Jones. Sex Bomb

Natacha Atlas. This is a man’s world (but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl)

Véronique Sanson - J’ai l’honneur d’être une fille

Véronique Sanson - Je veux être un homme

Neneh Cherry - Woman

Julien Clerc - Femme je vous aime

John Lennon - Woman

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Ladies Of Azerbaijan

Jean Ferrat - La femme est l’avenir de l’homme

The Jackal, Ronny Jordan featuring Dana Bryant

values - women


Tom Peters: The Biggest Underserved Markets

music (chapter beginnings)